Painting & MIXED MEDIA

Though my day-to-day work is in language revitalization, I make pictures in various media that derive from our ancestral oral traditions, and that are heavily informed by our Chickasaw language. My process is pretty simple. I think about old stories that I've heard and collected from native speakers and I try to put those images and words onto paper or canvas. I really care about these old stories, our speakers and our language. I take great joy in representing these things for other folks to enjoy.

In Chickasaw, I would say: 

“Chokma. Saholhchifoat Lokosh. Chikashsha saya. Kowishto' Iksa', Imatapo' inchokka-chaffa' ishtaaonchololili. Chikashshiyaakni' intoksalilikat Chikashshanompolilikat naaholba' ikbili.”

Which means,

“Hello. My name is Gourd. I'm a Chickasaw. I am a descendent of the Panther Clan and Their-Tent-People house group. I work for the Chickasaw Nation, I speak Chickasaw and I make pictures.”

Video: Chickasaw TV