Host the Exhibition

These artworks push boundaries with intriguing juxtapositions of contemporary art and tribal culture. We are excited to share this exhibition with the world.

- Karen Whitecotton, Co-Curator

Contemporary Chickasaw Art Exhibit: Artwork by Brenda Kingery

Complete Exhibition Package

  • All curatorial and registrarial information
  • Thorough shipping, handling and installation instructions
  • In-gallery multimedia technology, artist video interviews and cultural videos
  • In-gallery printed children’s activity guide
  • Free downloadable app of illustrated Chickasaw children’s stories
  • Digital press releases, text documents for didactic panels, images, graphics and logos
  • Exhibition promotion on exhibit website and social media
  • Customized public programming and community outreach initiatives 

Engaging Audiences 

The exhibition team will partner with every venue for strategic public programming and can collaborate to identify seasonal, tribal or cultural connections to each venue’s collection. 

  • CHICKASAW ARTISTS AND THE EXHIBITION CURATORIAL TEAM - will be on site at openings for every venue for public programming.
  • FULLY ILLUSTRATED CATALOG - with scholarly texts by award-winning Chickasaw authors, exhibition curators and art historians will accompany the exhibition. Catalog essays will include artists’ contemporary perspectives as well as analyze references to tribal history and culture.
  • MEDIA - artist interviews and cultural features on video, a free downloadable app of illustrated Chickasaw children’s stories and a printed children’s activity guide.

Exhibit at a Glance - Now Booking for 2020

    • Approximately 60 artworks of contemporary Chickasaw painting, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, metalwork, photography and textiles
    • Digital text for vinyl lettering, panels and object labels
    • 12-week booking period is negotiable
    • Contact program manager for exhibit fees & shipping information
    • Approximately 3,000 – 4,000 square feet

Contact us for more information or to schedule this exhibition for your venue.