Cultural Continuum

VISUAL VOICES Exhibition Logo

VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art Exhibition LogoIn 1723, a Chickasaw ‘minko’, or leader, painted an important map on deerskin. It was a rendering of the world as Chickasaws knew it, a placement of tribes and waterways, the British, the French and others across more than 700,000 square miles. The VISUAL VOICES exhibition logo reflects the design work of this early map in modern, stylized form, a symbol of contemporary Chickasaw artistic expression in relation to the world. 

The center of its circle holds dual meaning: at its core, a place of sacred fire where logs burn and smoke carries prayers to the Creator; then like cardinal directions, it extends outward, finding place among an evolving aesthetic community. Finally, the motif of seasons formulates an ecology of creativity, a continuum of visual voices guiding the beauty and rhythm of Chickasaw life and art.

VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art is artistically and culturally unique, and aesthetically outstanding. This traveling exhibition offers an opportunity to view recent works by leading and emerging artists of the Chickasaw Nation.

- Dr. Manuela Well-Off-Man, Co-Curator