The power of collaboration makes “Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art” a unique independent project, with active involvement of the Chickasaw Nation, the Chickasaw Artists Board, and The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

The collaborators for VISUAL VOICES touring exhibition have embraced one mission: to create an outstanding, memorable artistic experience of the finest contemporary Chickasaw art available today. 

Chickasaw Artist Board 

Contemporary Chickasaw Art Exhibit: Artist Board Developers group pictureIn 2013, five Chickasaw artists came together to dream about expanding the reach and impact of Chickasaw art, That dream birthed a groundbreaking initiative to develop an all-Chickasaw contemporary art touring exhibition. The artists formed the Chickasaw Artist Board and gained the collaborative support of the Chickasaw Nation, The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum and committed arts industry partners of diverse expertise.

As the spearhead of this exhibition, the Board serves as creative developer and its members, as Chickasaw cultural specialists to lead all aspects of the project. The Board includes potter and sculptor Joanna Underwood Blackburn, fiber expert and weaver Margaret Roach Wheeler, painter Brent Greenwood, bladesmith Dan Worcester and jeweler and metalsmith Kristen Dorsey. 

“The Chickasaw people have witnessed a renaissance. As Chickasaw artists, we’re proudly contributing to this rejuvenation and celebration through contemporary art.”

– Kristen Dorsey, Chickasaw artist