About Our Touring Exhibition

One Mission 

To create an outstanding, memorable artistic experience through a touring exhibition of the finest contemporary Chickasaw art available today.

About this Exhibition

VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art touring exhibition is moving and passionate, surprising in its modernity, but ancient at its core. Nearly sixty artworks of present-day Chickasaw painters, potters, sculptors, metalsmiths and weavers convey a beautiful and compelling contemporary visual story. From oil and watercolor to textiles and metals, glass, bronze and other materials, the artworks of fifteen featured Chickasaw artists in this exhibition are unique, intrinsically Southeastern and distinctive in design among today’s contemporary tribal artists. They are rising contemporary voices on an aesthetic landscape of twenty-first century American Indian art.

Exhibition Themes

VISUAL VOICES offers abstract, experimental, celebratory, mysterious, thought provoking or critical works confirming a strong continuation of contemporary Chickasaw art practices.

The exhibit is organized by concepts and subjects important to the artists, including personal and collective identities; seasonal and nature-related themes (including social and environmental dimensions of human relationships with the earth); place and belonging (including artists’ relationship to their current and historic homelands); as well as cross-cultural relationships and influences characteristic of the Chickasaw artists’ experience today. 

- Dr. Manuela Well-Off-Man, Co-Curator