Join us March 2, 2019, at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson

  380 South Lamar Street, Jackson, MS 39201


VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art touring exhibition is moving and passionate, surprising in its modernity, but ancient at its core. More than 65 artworks of present-day Chickasaw painters, potters, sculptors, metalsmiths and weavers convey a beautiful and compelling contemporary visual story. From oil and watercolor to textiles and metals, glass, bronze and other materials, the artworks of 15 featured Chickasaw artists in this exhibition are unique, intrinsically Southeastern and distinctive in design among today’s contemporary tribal artists. They are rising contemporary voices on an aesthetic landscape of twenty-first century American Indian art.

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Contemporary Chickasaw artists
are diverse in style, media
and technique. Their artworks
are expressive of a two- and
three-dimensional personal
and collective Chickasaw identity
long overdue in American
Indian art. Few audiences have
experienced the power of
artists from one tribe
presenting multiple
artworks in a balanced
and diverse exhibition

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Featured Artists

Finding strength in diversity, the exhibition includes fifteen contemporary Chickasaw artists producing artworks of various media and techniques. Imagery of the artwork in the Visual Voices exhibition will be provided on our site soon! Until then, discover here an array of award-winning previous works created by these artists. 

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